ARRR! Graffiti is a feature-rich finger-painting program for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

You can start with a blank canvas, choose from one of our six backgrounds (brick wall, cement, plain, white note, yellow note, graph paper), select a picture from your photo library, or use the camera to create new graffiti. Then paint with your finger using our palette to switch between 29 colors or adjust your brushstroke size.

The toolbar allows you to refine your works with undo, redo, erase, and zoom. But perhaps the most important feature is being able to decorate your graffiti with 40+ ornaments. Turn your best friend into a pirate or give someone a mustache and a sombrero!

When you are done with your masterpiece, export it to your photo library where you can email it to friends, assign your painting to a contact, post it to Twitter, or just leave it in your personal gallery.

Features include:

  • Undo
  • Redo
  • Erase with your finger or shake to erase the whole graffito
  • Choose ornaments from several categories (hats, hair, eyewear, facial hair, pirate, groucho, dialogs, text, and shapes)
  • Use keyboard to type text
  • Use camera or the photo library to set the background
  • Zoom in and out
  • Assign to a contact
  • Post to Twitter